How Covid-19 Affected People’s Mental health? And Tips to Cope with This Situation

The Covid-19 pandemic has not changed the living pattern of people but also disrupted the overall normal routine due to its social restrictions like maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and avoiding gatherings worldwide in all countries. Due to shut down of all types of businesses, jobs, offices, and even clinics in terms of complete lockdown in the whole world halted 93% of mental health services available while the number of people with stressful phobias and having mental disorders is incredibly increasing according to new reports by WHO( World Health Organization).

The survey showed data of almost 130 countries highlighting the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health so underscoring the urgent need for increased fundraising.

Reasons behind triggering mental health issues included isolation one of the major stressing components, then bereavement, loss of income, and fear, all these factors played important role in creating tense situations all around the world.

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Feelings of anxiety and depression are more than ever before. Now it’s the third dreadful wave of Covid-19 which is affecting all countries in the world either concerning anxiety, stress due to economic losses, the increasing toll of deaths day by day, isolation rules. COVID-19 was first identified in December 2019 in China. WHO declared the public emergency of international concern on 20 January 2020, and then a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Since then, the situation is not getting improved but worsen due to continuous and complete lockdown in almost all countries of the world, generating countless fears about the future and loved ones, careers, etc.

Common Fearful Feelings Prevailing All Over the World Right Now

How you can cope with this stressful situation?

There are the following effective tips you can follow to relieve stress and get a healthy and sound mind to work from home:

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